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Loft Conversion Fact Sheet
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Q. Can you guarantee the quality of your work?
A. Yes, we are members of the Federation of Master Builders and our work force has been with us for many years.
Q. Are you insured to carry out work on my premises?
A. Yes, we have full public liability insurance to cover us for all works undertaken.
Q. Is my roof high enough for a loft conversion?
Yes, if the measurement from floor to underside of roof apex is a minimum of 2.2 metres or 7'3".In some circumstances ceilings can be lowered to achieve the height requirement. There is no height requirement for storage areas.
Q. Do I need Local Authority approval for my conversion?
Yes, certainly building regulation approval & sometimes planning permission is required. We include this in our package-unless it is for storage purposes only, with a loft ladder.
Q. Who will arrange my plans and permissions?
Rest assured, Kenroy Lofts will liaise with the Local Authority for all relevant permission(s).
Q. Will you arrange for installation of plumbing and electrics?
Yes, this is normally all included in our total price.
Q. Who supervises the work?
Our management, as well as regular site visits from your Local Authority building surveyor when appropriate.
Q. How quickly can work commence?
Normally, within one month of permission being obtained.
Q. Can a modern truss rafter roof be converted? (W shaped ties & struts found in modern housing.)
Yes, it is possible, but this type of roof requires careful design & additional structural work.
Q. How long will my conversion take?
This depends on the size of your particular conversion. An average conversion is normally completed within 2 - 8 weeks.
Q. How will you calculate the price?
Our Proprietor or Surveyor will make an appointment to visit you at your convenience. He will give you a free estimate in writing without charge or obligation.
Q. Can I expect much mess?
Disturbance and mess will be kept to a minimum. Your home will be left clean, tidy & safe on a daily basis. You do not have to vacate your home during the conversion, unless the ceilings below the new conversion have to be lowered to achieve the required head height.